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Suzette's Dog And Cat Grooming was created and run by animal lovers. We want your pet to have the best care for them and for you. We work very hard to ensure that each and every experience is an enjoyable one, and that our location will be your furry friend's favorite place to visit. Our grooming services range from haircuts to nail trims and even adorable hair styling complete with hair dye options! Whatever you have in mind for your beloved cat or pooch, we're ready to accomplish just that! Additionally, we offer photo shoot sessions that can be themed according to the time of the year. Click here to see our gallery examples.

Call ahead to make an appointment or call any time for more information. Walk-ins and mobile grooming are available as well.At Suzette's Dog And Cat Grooming , pet grooming isn't just our job, it's our passion!

Groomed Dogs & Cat!

Full Grooming Services

Time Duration: Depends on your pet (size & breed)

Pricing: $25-up

Cats & Dogs

Full grooming includes: Haircut, bath, nails cut/dremeled, teeth brushed and anal glands

Bubble Bath

Who doesn't love a bubble bath? We know your pooch will! We use soothing soaps and shampoos based off your pet's unique fur and skin type. We'll caringly wash away any dirt and give them a relaxing massage while we're at it!

Stylish Haircuts

Here's where the real fun begins! From basic trims to full-blown, stylish cuts we absolutely love giving your cat or pooch the royal treatment! Shaggy with a touch of swag to neat and clipped, we do it all!

Nail Trimming

We know, we know. Most dogs run at the sight of nail clippers but not with us! We have a special way with pets to put them to ease without the use of sedation so we can trim their nails and take care of business!

Boarding & Daycare Available!

This includes outdoor play time, and indoor play time when weather is not cooperating.

Groomed Dog

Orange cat

Happy dog

All Pets Welcome!

Big or small, short or tall we welcome all pets here at Suzette's Dog And Cat Grooming. We groom the smallest foo-foo dogs to the biggest cuddle dogs and any type of cat! Even if your cute pooch or kitty has a shy or cantankerous disposition, we'll work with them to give them a wonderful spa-day grooming session.

It's our promise that your pet will walk away looking and feeling their absolute best. With years of experience and a passion for the industry, we've developed a long-standing reputation among our client base as being one of the best groomers around!

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